Joey Scouts work towards their 'Hands Across the Water' badge we are doing with a South Korean Beaver Group. 

Tonight the Joeys model a selection of Mokee's contingent shirts collected from around the world.


Earning Badges can give Cubs a real sense of achievement. Every Cub, of every age, is capable of earning many badges. Perhaps your child would like to have a go. Have a chat to your Leaders.

Badge work 2016 1024x683

Thank you to all the Cubs, Joeys, Scouts, Leaders and Parents who helped clean up our little corner of Australia. The task may have been a bit gross, but their were smiles on all faces. We scoured the tracks, mangroves and sports fields in our area.

Mangroves Clean Up Aust Day 2016 Tracks Clean up Aust Day 2016

What did we find: tyres, mattresses, the remnants of parties, handballs, bottle caps, plastic bags, straws and more unsavoury items.


group Clean up Aust day 2016

Explorer Pack is off to a strong start in 2016 with all new Cub Leaders. Meet Brownie, Hathi, and Bagheera. Brownie is moving up from Joeys, Bagheera has moved from Qld, and Hathi has just been invested. I'm pretty sure they are having fun.

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