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About Venturers

The 1st East Ryde Venturers have combined with 1st Lane Cove Venturers to form a district Venturer Group - Moocooboolah District Venturer Unit. 

Our Venturers meet on a Thursday evening between 7:15pm - 9:15pm at either East Ryde or Lane Cove. Please consult the Venturer calendar for activities and venue.

Aims | Activities

Venturers are for boys and girls who are around 14½ and have not yet turned 18.

Venturers develop their 'life skills' through Scouting activities learning leadership and the responsibility that goes with it. They are recognised for their achievements through a badge award system that they progressively work through while they're in Venturers culminating with the highest award in Scouting for a youth member, the 'Queens Scout' Award.


  • To have fun in a safe and structured environment.
  • To continue to develop within the world of Scouting.
  • To continue to develop a sense of belonging to a structured fun activity outside school and sports.
  • Become more independent through achieving individual goals in Scouting in an uncompetitive atmosphere.
  • To develop leadership skills and take on the responsibility of looking out for their fellow Venturers.


There are literally hundreds of different activities our Venturers will participate in from camping & hiking to community based things like marching in our local Memorial March on ANZAC day or participating in 'Clean up Australia Day'. You would need to contact us to give you an indication of the sort of activities that are on the horizon.