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Group Events

Each year we have several events for the whole group - all family members are encouraged to come along an join in.

Some of these are fund-raising efforts such as the Car Boot Sales and the Christmas Tree drive and some are social events and camps.

The main social events we have each year are:

These events give us all a chance to get together as a group and involve the whole extended family - parents, siblings, grandparents are all welcome to come and join in the fun.

We also have an Annual Report Presentation afternoon, normally some time during March, where the committee, leaders, parents and friends of the group get together to review the year and decide things we would like to do for the year ahead. The annual group report is presented at this meeting and the key members of the committee (President, Treasurer and Secretary) are confirmed for the next year. Although this is a required event for all Scout groups in New South Wales we tend to turn it into a social gathering and often use it as an excuse for a(nother) barbeque!